Text Formatting


Keyboard Shortcuts

Text selected inside the main input text field can be formatted using the following keyboard shortcuts:

Action Shortcut
Bold Command B (⌘B)
Italics Control Shift I (⌃⇧I)
Underline Control Shift U (⌃⇧U)
Foreground Color Control Shift C (⌃⇧C)
Background Color Control Shift H (⌃⇧H)

These controls can also be accessed by control clicking (right clicking) the main input text field.

Technical Details for Script Authors

The following is the list of the control characters used for formatting.

Bold, Italics, Underline

Foreground Color and Background Color

Foreground color and background color are grouped together using the control character U+0003 ("0x03")

There are fifteen (15) colors which can be picked from for foreground color and background color.

The colors are:

  1. White
  2. Black
  3. Blue (Navy)
  4. Green
  5. Red
  6. Brown (Maroon)
  7. Purple
  8. Orange
  9. Yellow
  10. Light Green (Lime)
  11. Teal (Green/Blue Cyan)
  12. Light Cyan (Cyan) (Aqua)
  13. Light Blue (Royal)
  14. Pink (Light Purple) (Fuchsia)
  15. Grey
  16. Light Grey (Silver)

Foreground color and background color are defined using the following format: ^<00-15>[,00-15]Colored Text^

The first number is the foreground color. Foreground color is required.
The second number is the background color. Background color is optional.

If the number for either color is below or equal to nine (9), then the number must be padded by a leading zero (0).

Color Formatting Examples

^14Colored Text^ — Grey colored text.
^14,13Colored Text^ — Grey colored text with a pink background.
^00,01Colored Text^ — White colored text with a black background.

Terminating Formatting

Normally, a block of formatted text should be terminated with the control characters that were used to open it. However, if you did not create a block of text, then which control characters are present is not easily known. If that's the case, then you can insert the control character U+000F ("0x0F") to terminate all formatting at a specific location.

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