Keyboard Shortcuts



An active server is any server with an established connection.
An active channel is any channel that is joined.

Action Shortcut
Next Server Option Command Right Arrow (⌥⌘→)
Previous Server Option Command Left Arrow (⌥⌘←)
Next Active Server Control Option Right Arrow (⌃⌥→)
Previous Active Server Control Option Left Arrow + (⌃⌥←)
Next Channel Command Square Bracket Close (⌘])
Previous Channel Command Square Bracket Open (⌘[)
Next Active Channel Shift Command Square Bracket Close (⇧⌘])
Previous Active Channel Shift Command Square Bracket Open (⇧⌘[)
Next Unread Channel Control Command Tab (⌃⌘⇥)
Previous Unread Channel Control Shift Tab (⌃⇧⇥)
Move Forward Control Tab (⌃⇥)
Previous Selection Option Tab (⌥⇥)
Next Highlight (if any) Shift Command Down Arrow (⇧⌘↓)
Previous Highlight (if any) Shift Command Up Arrow (⇧⌘↑)
Search Channels Command D (⌘D)

Text Formatting

Text formatting only works inside the main input text field. More information.

Action Shortcut
Bold Command B (⌘B)
Italics Control Shift I (⌃⇧I)
Underline Control Shift U (⌃⇧U)
Foreground Color Control Shift C (⌃⇧C)
Background Color Control Shift H (⌃⇧H)

Channel Management

Action Shortcut
Add Channel Shift Command + (⇧⌘+)
Delete Channel Shift Command Backspace (⇧⌘⌫)
Channel Logs Shift Command L (⇧⌘L)
Channel Topic Command T (⌘T)
Channel Ban List Shift Command B (⇧⌘B)
Channel Ban Exception List Shift Command E (⇧⌘E)
Channel Invite Exception List Shift Command I (⇧⌘I)
Channel Properties Command I (⌘I)
Enable Channel Moderation (mode +m) Option Shift Command M (⌃⇧⌘M)
Disable Channel Moderation (mode -m) Control Command M (⌃⌘M)
Enable Channel Invite-only Status (mode +i) Control Shift Command I (⌃⇧⌘I)
Disable Channel Invite-only Status (mode -i) Control Command I (⌃⌘I)
Manage Channel Modes Command O (⌘O)

Server Management

Action Shortcut
Delete Server Command Backspace (⌘⌫)
Server Properties Command U (⌘U)
Sort Channel List Command R (⌘R)

View Controls

Action Shortcut
Mark Scrollback Command L (⌘L)
Scrollback Marker Control Command L (⌃⌘L)
Mark All As Read Shift Command U (⇧⌘U)
Clear Scrollback Command K (⌘K)
Increase Font Size Command Plus (⌘+)
Decrease Font Size Command Minus (⌘—)
Jump to Present Control Command B (⌃⌘B)
Focus Channel View (for scrolling with keyboard) Option Command L (⌥⌘L)

Window Controls

Action Shortcut
Close Window Command W (⌘W)
Minimize Window Command M (⌘M)
Minimize All Option Command M (⌥⌘M)
Toggle Visibility of Member List Option Command U (⌥⌘U)
Toggle Visibility of Server List Option Command S (⌥⌘S)
Toggle Window Appearances Shift Command D (⇧⌘D)
Bring Main Window to Front Control 1 (^1)
Open Address Book for Selected Server Control 2 (^2)
Open Ignore List for Selected Server Control 3 (^3)
Open Logs for Selected Server (in Finder) Control 4 (^4)
Open Highlight List for Selected Server Control 5 (^5)
Open File Transfers List Control 6 (^6)
Toggle Fullscreen Control Command F (⌃⌘F)

Application Controls

Action Shortcut
Hide Textual Command H (⌘H)
Hide Others Option Command H (⌥⌘H)
Preferences Command Comma (⌘,)
Quit Textual & IRC Command Q (⌘Q)

Special Actions

Actions marked with a star (*) only work if the main input text field has keyboard focus.

Action Shortcut
Send Text as Action (/me command)* Command Return (⌘⏎)
Input History (Next Entry)* Control N (⌃N)
Input History (Previous Entry)* Control P (⌃P)
Tab Complete (Next Result)* Tab (⇥)
Tab Complete (Previous Result)* Shift Tab (⇧⇥)
Toggle Mute on Notification Sounds Shift Command M (⇧⌘M)

Everything Else

Action Shortcut
Undo Command Z (⌘Z)
Redo Shift Command Z (⇧⌘Z)
Find Command F (⌘F)
Find Next Command G (⌘G)
Find Previous Shift Command G (⇧⌘G)
Copy Command C (⌘C)
Cut Command X (⌘X)
Paste Command V (⌘V)
Select All Command A (⌘A)
Skip to Next Spoken Item Command Period (⌘.)

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