Release Notes for Version 5.0.0

There have been several updates since version 5.0.0 which include many exciting changes.
See the Release Notes Archive section of the knowledge base for a complete list of changes.

The following list is a summary of all major additions, changes, and fixes part of version 5.0.0 of the Textual IRC Client.

Updated User Interface

Textual 5 sports a redesigned user interface for users of OS X Yosemite. There are two gorgeously designed dark and light variants of the main window refined all the way down to the very last pixel.

Not only has the main window of Textual received a facelift, but Preferences, Server Properties, and many other windows have received touchups.


Textual 5 replaces the dated styles Matrix, Lucidity, and Simplified Light Blue with four brand new, community created styles which do a great job of complimenting the aforementioned user interface changes.

Other Additions

Other Changes

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