Release Notes for Version 7.1.0


The following list is a summary of all major additions, changes, and fixes part of version 7.1.0 of the Textual IRC Client.

User Interface

The entire user interface of Textual, from the smallest window to the largest, has been refined to take full advantage of the dark appearance of macOS Mojave.

Additionally, Textual can now be configured to automatically inherit your Mac's appearance to avoid the unnecessary burden of changing it in two places. To do this, change the “Main window appearance” preference in the Interface section of Preferences to “Your Mac's Default”. This is the default for new installations. Existing installations will default to the appearance that was configured before upgrading to macOS Mojave.

Modern Sockets

A new way for apps to establish connections, referred to by Textual as “modern sockets”, is available in macOS Mojave. When conditions are right, Textual will use this to connect to IRC.

Modern sockets can't be configured to prefer IPv4. To accommodate users that want this behavior, the “Prefer IPv4” preference has been replaced with a preference to enable only IPv4, only IPv6, or enable both. Users that had the old preference enabled will be automatically migrated to only IPv4.

See the Network Socket section of Server Properties.

Scrollback Improvements

An indicator, similar to the one shown below, now appears in the scrollback when the day changes.

Date Indicator

This indicator can be toggled in the Style section of Preferences.




Addon Backwards Compatibility


Styles are no longer permitted to force dark mode.

When a style is loaded that has the Force Invert Sidebars setting enabled, the user will be asked if they want to enable dark mode, instead of forcing it. This behavior is in place for the benefit of the user. To make it easier for them to update preferences to their liking. This behavior should not be relied on by styles to provide a certain experience.


Plugin features that were marked as “deprecated” no longer exist.

Last modified: September 24, 2018
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