Frequently Asked Questions


Basic Questions

1. Where do I get help?

How do I…

1. How do I hide join, quit, part messages?
2. How do I enable logging?
3. How do I configure my password for NickServ?
4. How do I configure Textual to use SASL?
5. How do I configure Textual to connect through a proxy?
6. How do I track the online status of my friend with Textual?
7. How do I purchase Textual using PayPal?

Common Issues

1. Textual keeps timing out. Is it broken?
2. I am trying to join a channel but it stays gray in the list and nothing happens. What's going on?
3. What does the message “Disconnect for Sleep Mode” mean?
4. Why does the untrusted certificate dialog continue to nag me after clicking “Always Trust”?
5. What does the message “Disconnected from server because the Internet is not reachable” mean?
6. What do the messages “You need to install identd to use this server” and “No Ident response” mean?
7. Why does the user away status never update in the user list?


1. Does Textual support DCC file transfers?
2. Textual refers to SSL everywhere. Does it even support TLS?
3. Where is the configuration file for Textual saved?
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